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DVD Duplication vs DVD Replication

A question that a lot of clients ask is the difference between DVD Duplication and DVD Replication. Dvd Duplication Duplication is the standard method when small quantities of CD or DVD discs are produced. The original disc is placed in a reader which then digitally extracts the data and transfers it to blank discs, similar […]

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Miller DVD Package- The “It Could Have Been Great” Story

In reviewing new concepts to find interesting new CD, DVD packaging products, I came across this unique Miller Beer DVD.  Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this company is GUILTY of destroying a great idea.  Why someone would put a DVD in this package is beyond me. Great graphics, great package but it only works […]

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New Harry Potter Box Set is Amazing

We just had to comment about this new box set. Warner Home Video is doing a brilliant job creating a multi-media box set for the Harry Potter franchise. If it sells what they hope 25,000-50,000 kits, it will generate in excess of $25 million. Not too bad for a bunch of previously released DVD’s. This […]

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