New retail initiatives require developers to find “green solutions” by making their products “environmentally sensitive” with eco-packaging.
With the name “Green Solutions” be assured we have the BEST options and answers to create eco-packaging for every project.

The DVD or CD itself is still made from plastic and this is largely unavoidable, however an eco friendly solution can be used for CD and DVD packaging instead of using plastics. Plastics contain chemicals that can poison the environment. Cardboard packaging offers easy recyclability, can be made from recycled materials and at worst can be burned with little toxic side effect. One of these eco-packaging solutions is the Digipack, which consists of a gatefold paperboard or card stock outer binding, with one or more trays capable of holding a CD or DVD attached to the inside.

Green Solutions Disc Replication uses paper products made with recycled paper, corn, sugar cane waste, various other tree-free papers or CCNB (Clay Coated News Back), a 100% recycled paperboard product.

Eco packaging for DVD requires printing with inks other than petroleum-based inks which are harmful to the environment. Soy and other vegetable products are used in ink for their oils, which act as the vehicle for the ink pigments. Soy is the most popular of the vegetable based printing inks because of its excellent properties which enhance the ability to carry solid pigments.

Our eco-packaging products include:

  • FSC Certified Board
  • 100% recycled board and paper
  • CCNB white board
  • 100% recycled hard plastic made with 35% post consumer waste for Digipak trays
  • 100% recycled soft plastic (Sunlyte®) made with 100% post consumer waste for Digipak trays – running on 100% or 40% recycled board
  • 100% recycled paperboard (Repak®) for CD or DVD Digipaks
  • Soy based ink, non-toxic.
  • Corn based pulp trays using recycled paper – Biodegradable
  • Potato based pulp trays using recycled paper – Biodegradable
  • Paperfoam ® trays – using 100% recycled material – Biodegradable
  • 100% recycled and lighter weight Amaray style plastic cases

At Green Solutions Disc Replication we are committed to helping make your packaging products environmentally sensitive and eco friendly.

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