Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication are experts in the CD and DVD duplication process and we make sure that your cd or dvd project is of excellent quality, exceeds your expectations and is finished on schedule at a great price to boot.

The DVD duplication method is the process of burning or writing data or video onto a blank burnable disc and is mainly used for smaller quantities of discs up to 1000, as it is faster and less expensive. We use high volume DVD duplication towers to create identical copies of your master using the best blank discs available on the market at a very competitive price. The duplication process is much quicker than replication, so if time is of the essence and the project small, we can provide a top quality product with a speedy turn around.

The duplication process is just the start of the project. Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication also provides high end printing, custom packaging design and top quality discs are major parts of our DVD Duplication process. We do our utmost to ensure that even if you only need 100 discs, they will be of the highest quality available and play great every time.

Custom packaging is the finishing touch to your CD or DVD duplication project. DVD cases, plastic cases, sleeves and mailers are the perfect canvas to add extra artwork and information while protecting your discs.

If you are new to the CD or DVD duplication process, we will assist you throughout the project. We will give you expert assistance in your choice of duplication or replication, design of the CD or DVD label, printing, type of packaging to be used and design of the final package.

If you demand the highest quality, great pricing and on time delivery, contact us for your DVD Duplication and DVD Printing and Packaging right away. See our competitive <a href=”” >pricing for DVD duplication</a>

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