Green Solutions and Earth Day

Every year Green Solutions celebrates Earth Day. This is an annual event celebrated on the 22nd of April every year when the whole world comes together to show their support for environmental protection.

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Wood DVD Cases for Weddings and Special Occasions

Green Solutions now offers IN STOCK wood DVD cases and wood CD cases. These cases are perfect for Wedding DVD’s, or that great program or home movie you want to keep SPECIAL.

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Global Sourcing for Tony Little

Our client Tony Little needed a global sourcing solution for his latest DVD project. Tony has been a client of Green Solutions since our inception 17 years ago.  His newest project required 4 separate DVD’s to be placed in a single color cardboard sleeve as well as a printed instruction manual.

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The Stranger DVD by the National Immigration Forum

The Stranger DVD a project by the The National Immigration Forum, while simple in nature, required 4 different manufacturing facilities. The National Immigration Forum based in Washington DC contacted Green Solutions to assist with their upcoming DVD project. This program will be used to educate for immigration reform.

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Protect your DVD from Piracy

Make more money by ensuring your DVD program is purchased (not stolen) Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication is now offering Rovi’s CopyBlock™ for DVD.  Having this new DVD copyrights piracy prevention technology is the key to achieving a high level of DVD piracy protection with minimal effort and cost. CopyBlock anti piracy technology offers highly effective […]

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DVD Box Set for Desperate Housewives

    Complete Series “Steamer Trunk” Dvd Box Set  Now this is a DVD box set! While the entertainment world moves to digital downloads to get the most bang for the buck, the brilliant folks at ABC and Disney have designed a new box set package for the Desperate Housewives franchise.

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Multi-Media Kits for Parents

As any (truthful) person will tell you, family life is no walk in the park. There are always stresses, problems, issues and crises that crop up, generally when you least expect them. People who would like to keep their families intact and functioning try to do whatever they can to defuse the situation. More often […]

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Earth Day from Green Solutions

Earth Day, which aims to bring enhanced awareness of the fragility of our environment and the urgent need for us to preserve and protect it, is particularly fitting for us. Okay, we won’t go so far as to suggest that our name, our logo (a leaf) and our color (obvious) inspired Earth Day. But you have to admit it’s […]

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New Harry Potter Box Set is Amazing

We just had to comment about this new box set. Warner Home Video is doing a brilliant job creating a multi-media box set for the Harry Potter franchise. If it sells what they hope 25,000-50,000 kits, it will generate in excess of $25 million. Not too bad for a bunch of previously released DVD’s. This […]

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Green Solutions Media Manufacturing Enters South Florida Market Again

Green Solutions has reopened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Green Solutions is a internationally known provider of multi-media packaging. For the last 7 years the corporate office has been located in Anaheim, California. We started when music and video were produced on tapes, and have helped our clients into the transition to digital – CD, DVD […]

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