Blu-Ray Replication

Green Solutions Disc Replication has the in-house Blu-Ray replication capabilities to author/encode your Blu-ray program, master, provide check discs, package “retail ready” and ship to any destination. We can replicate as few as 1000 or several hundred thousand when needed.

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The Blu-ray replication method produces discs with incredible high-resolution imagery, enhanced surround sound capability and innovative special features. Blu-ray discs are truly the wave of the future. Blu-ray discs with their huge capacity of up to 50Gb (BD-25 & BD-50), both single and dual layer allow for more than just a movie to be stored at the ultimate in High Definition quality. Blu ray replication, can now add bonus features and extras all on the same disc. Extra discs are no longer needed for the bonus materials. If you need help with Blu-ray Authoring, Green Solutions Media Manufacturing is your one-stop Blu-ray partner – let us take care of your Blu-ray needs!

The replication of Blu-ray discs yields up to six times the resolution of today’s standard definition DVD’s. Blu-ray is a giant leap forward for filmmakers looking for high-definition delivery to modern day discerning viewers.

Our clients include studios and special interest producers who want and require the highest quality of Blu-Ray replication available.

We will help you navigate into this new burgeoning industry to ensure all questions are answered and your products are done right, the first time.

If you demand the highest quality, great pricing and on time delivery, contact us for your Blu-ray Replication and Packaging right away. We are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, serving Miami, Palm Beach, Broward, and South Florida.


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