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Green Solutions is moving on up!

We’re moving on up!
Our offices in Fort Lauderdale has been moved to our new address in Boca Raton, Florida starting Tuesday August 1, 2017. Our telephone numbers will stay the same.

Our new office is:
2385 NW Executive Center Drive
Suite 100
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Please contact me the same way by calling 954-533-4502

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Happy Thanksgiving and Countdown to Cyber Monday


Happy Thanksgiving from Green Solutions

There it is, with another year coming to a close and the holiday season fast approaching, our long list of holiday shopping, with the many gifts we need to buy, has started to call upon us. It gets a bit crazy when it comes to buying the best, unique gifts for your friends and family, season after season. Read More »

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Labor Day and Patriot Day

Labor Day is held on the first Monday of September every year. It marks the end of summer for many and hence is a day to relax and enjoy for the most of us. This day also comes as the last chance for people to make trips, or hold outdoor events before school reopens. Read More »

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Personalized Wood DVD Cases

Have you ever heard of personalized wood DVD cases? Selecting a gift for someone can make you go crazy, especially if it is an occasion for the ones dear to you. However, we have a solution for you today. We have a wide variety of DVD cases that can be designed just for you and make an excellent gift for your loved ones. Read More »

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Zumba Training DVDs

Zumba, I would say is one of the most interesting fitness programs in the US especially because it is dance based. It involves dance and aerobic workout which makes it the most sought after fitness regime for all dance lovers. Zumba incorporates various dance moves from samba, salsa, hip-hop, mambo and a few others. It also includes squats, which keeps the workout training lively and interesting throughout the program. This dance fitness program was the creation of Alberto “Beto” Perez, a Columbian dancer and choreographer during the 1990’s. Read More »

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Unusual DVD Packaging

We all want our DVD cases to line up flawlessly so that we may present them proudly to our friends, relatives and astonish them with our passion for collecting and arranging these tiny boxes on our shelves for the love of music, movies, games etc. Now, most of the companies come up with the regular DVD boxes packaged in a normal case. However, there are some who go beyond the norms to become creative. In fact, they go out of the way in making the DVD packaging look like an extension of their brand image. So much so that the fans would line up and spend any amount of money to own these exceptional and out of the world designs of DVD cases. I will be listing some of the most extravagant of such DVD packaging designs ever to hit the market till date. Read More »

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Yoga Training DVDs

I am sure we can all agree that DVDs are an exceptional means of promoting any business. Yoga and Fitness Training DVD’s can effectively promote your yoga studio and teaching style. A message about the product or service packaged in the form of a DVD program allows businesses to have greater engagement with their customers & clients, helping in effectively educating them about what is being offered. In fact, DVDs are not only good for marketing purposes; they can also be successfully used as stand alone products. Fitness and Yoga training programs are industries that dominate the direct response markets including 21 day fix, P90X, Insanity to name a very few. Each of these program incorporate specific yoga movements in both prep and cool downs.  Read More »

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Faith Based Educational Products

If there is anything in this world that brings us all together, binds us and gives a greater meaning to our lives, it is our faith. It is this faith that has always been the foundation stone of human life. When we believe strongly enough in our faith, more than anything or anyone else, we become far more powerful and compassionate. Read More »

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Memorial Day

In honor of all those who have given service.

Memorial Day

Grave Marker of soldier in Santa Fe National Cemetery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Multimedia Educational Products

Multimedia educational products are a great tool for marketing as it offers a higher degree and greater depth of understanding to the target customers of any business. These days everyone is using education to market their products. Whether they are into FMCG, electronic items or the automobile industry, every company, big and small, is using the educational style of marketing to reach out to their customers with a greater impact. One of the best ways to do this is to use multimedia educational products as the material for promotions, let’s say in the form of an effective marketing kit. Read More »

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