Unusual DVD Packaging

We all want our DVD cases to line up flawlessly so that we may present them proudly to our friends, relatives and astonish them with our passion for collecting and arranging these tiny boxes on our shelves for the love of music, movies, games etc. Now, most of the companies come up with the regular DVD boxes packaged in a normal case. However, there are some who go beyond the norms to become creative. In fact, they go out of the way in making the DVD packaging look like an extension of their brand image. So much so that the fans would line up and spend any amount of money to own these exceptional and out of the world designs of DVD cases. I will be listing some of the most extravagant of such DVD packaging designs ever to hit the market till date.

The ‘Planet of the Apes’ DVD packaging has always been one of the most unusual concepts designed ever. They have an interesting way to showcase the creativity that goes into designing such elaborate DVD cases. The Caesar bust looks as robust as in the movie and makes for a perfect collection.

Unusual dvd packaging

Source: Amazon

The ‘Batpod’ is a brand new concept of DVD packaging to hit the market, certainly a pleasant surprise for all the Batman lovers out there. Now, who wouldn’t want to own one of these? A small Batpod replica makes it a pure delight for Batman fans.

Unusual dvd packaging

Out of the exclusive DVD editions of the ‘Star Trek’ reboot in 2009, Target’s was the chunkiest: a full-on Enterprise imitation that holds the DVDs in its saucer shaped case. The best part is that you have to put it all together, just like a toy, to get the Star Trek ship fully done. You even get a set of instructions to help you with it.


Now, it would be needless to say that, all you movie buffs out there should have each one of these as your prized possession. Good luck though as I am sure it’s going to be very difficult to lay your hands on one of these now.

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