The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother, a word that brings content and happiness from the bottom of everyone’s heart. A mother plays multiple roles in our lives. She is a guide, a friend, a mentor, a parent and adopts many other roles. She is a one woman army looking after everyone’s need and happiness. In fact, she even sacrifices her own happiness for her loved ones and especially for her children. She gives us every joy she can without asking for anything in return. Her dedication towards her family’s delight is worth saluting.

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Mother’s Day celebrations are a fairly new affair as compared to other celebrations. It all began in the year 1908 when Anna Jarvis first held a memorial for her mother in Grafton, West Virginia. She wanted to set aside a day to honor all mothers and it was only because of her relentless campaigns that in 1914 the proclamation for creating Mother’s Day was signed. Anna’s intention for Mother’s Day was for all of us to appreciate and honor our mothers by expressing our love and gratitude through personal and sentimental gestures such as a hand written letter or self designed card etc. However, as the world took to celebrating Mother’s Day globally and with the passing time, the ways of expressing love and affection towards our loved ones changed a lot. Children have started giving their mother unique presents like making her a picture collage, painting her a picture, giving her beautiful presents such as jewelry, vanity bags, her favorite perfume or any of her most loved article etc. Some Mother’s day gifts even go to the lengths of shooting a video of her / editing her marriage album and converting it into a DVD.

Perfect Mother's day gifts

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I remember how one of my friends thought of reviving her mother’s old memories by giving her a short documentary style film. She collected VHS tapes of her mother’s childhood, marriage and other special occasions from her grandmother, had them edited and converted into a DVD. Then on Mother’s Day she played the short edited film for her mother, as she woke up. She fondly recalls to this day the mesmerizing moment of seeing her mother’s happy face. The blessings and the love they shower on us is incomparable. Everyone was touched by her gesture and had tears in their eyes.

Mother's day gifts

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Gifting a DVD full of memories is the newest and the most novel way of expressing your love and regards for your mother. So, if you too want to make this Mother’s Day the most special day for your mother and want to gift her a DVD with lifetime of memories to cherish, contact Green Solutions at 954-533-4502. We offer a complete range of DVD solutions and can easily convert old VHS tapes into DVDs.


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