Fitness DVD Replication and Packaging

So your Fitness DVD is ready for replication and packaging. All your hard work is done, the storyboard, the lighting, the make-up, directing the shoot, the actual filming of your project and post production. Now it’s time to let a third party step in and take care of the editing, authoring, DVD replication, graphics, printing, packaging design, manufacturing and assembly.

Sounds like quite a lot more to do, so let’s break down the various steps involved in getting your fitness workout DVD to market.

Replication, Duplication and Authoring
DVD Replication is the method used to produce large quantities of CD or DVD discs starting at 500 to several million. A “glass master” of the original is made and stamper creation onto blank media is done using Sony’s HD® and Digital Matrix Galvanic Machines.

DVD Authoring – creation of menus and extras – High definition – and encoding for web youtube.

See our DVD Replication Price List or call us at 954 533 4502 and speak to a specialist.

Fitness DVD Packaging from clients

Fitness Dvd replication packaging

Packaging concepts, printing and Design
Packaging concept and design of your fabulous fitness DVD workout is of major importance in marketing and selling your dvd. This is a specialized field where unusual or impressive packaging can make a huge difference in sales. Our designers are exceptionally creative and production oriented and can design and create specialty packages to get the highest perceived value at the lowest possible cost.

Protect your Assets
Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication also offers Rovi’s CopyBlock™ for DVD. CopyBlock anti piracy technology offers highly effective double DVD piracy protection – at a very affordable price. With the ability to deter the top two DVD piracy methods used by casual home copiers – ripping to a PC and recording from a CE device to a DVD recorder – this DVD piracy protection technology can significantly improve revenues from your Fitness DVD.

For your fitness dvd replication, duplication and packaging call us at 954 533 4502 or visit us in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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