Creative DVD Packaging

Most people don’t realize how important creative DVD packaging can be. Advertising agencies and marketers certainly understand this concept. How you package a product, in this case your DVD or CD, can potentially increase sales.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” a third of our brain is devoted to vision, so as visual beings we are drawn to colors, unusual shapes and one of a kind designs. So creative DVD packaging design will certainly attract attention. Standing out from the crowd of humdrum DVD covers will increase the visibility of your creative DVD packaging, and will draw the client in to take a better look at your product.

Creative DVD Packaging and Content

Some, but not all clients have a clear idea of what they want when they go shopping for a DVD. Primarily they are looking for entertainment. Shoppers go into a store with the idea of buying a DVD and browse to see what’s available. The content of your DVD is important and has to appeal to the client. However, what will ultimately attract the client to take a better look at your DVD, read the plot and buy it, is the creative DVD packaging, thought and energy you have put into your product. An awesome looking DVD that would look good in their collection.

Here are a few examples of creative DVD packaging:

Edgy and Different

by Thinkpack

creative dvd packaging - dpod

creative dvd packaging - dpod

creative dvd packaging


Sexy and Elegant

by Olu Balogun

creative dvd packaging



Simple yet Different

by Henrique Portovedo




Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication has extensive experience in designing creative DVD packaging for the music and movie industries, promotional items, financial seminars, faith-based, self-help, training and educational videos.

We can create and customize any type of DVD packaging design and reduce existing costs by 20%-50% while increasing product value. For dvd or cd marketing kits, cd duplication, replication, packaging and mailing solutions, call us at 954 533 4502. We work with clients nationwide from New York, Chicago, Little Rock, Dallas and Austin to San Francisco and San Diego.

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