Eco Friendly Solutions in Celebration of Earth Day 2013

April 22nd is Earth Day and Green Solutions is an enthusiastic supporter of eco friendly solutions.

The environmental movement will be organizing a series of events to heighten awareness of the impact of global warming and climate changes. In Florida, on Saturday April 27, the City of Fort Lauderdale will hold a Dune Restoration and Sea Oat Planting, Keep Broward Beautiful Beach Cleanup, registration is required.

eco friendly solutions for CD and DVD packaging

Eco friendly solutions to honor Earth Day

  • Let’s stop wasting paper –  sign up TODAY for online banking and print attachments only when necessary
  • Water your garden or potted plants in the early morning or late afternoon – this lessens evaporation and saves water
  • Use your own shopping bags to reduce waste – plastic is non-biodegradable and can survive for thousands of years.
  • Teach your children about protecting and appreciating the natural environment
  • Drive a fuel efficient vehicle to limit greenhouse gas emissions. There are both domestic and foreign cars available that get over 50 MPG. 
  • Join the Earth Day Movement

Last year we wrote an article explaining some of the eco friendly solutions we propose to clients who are environmentally conscious. CD and DVD printing and packaging can be more eco friendly. Think cardboard instead of plastic, vegetable inks instead of petroleum based. These measures can significantly optimize our conjoined efforts to halt global warming, control dangerous emissions and make our beautiful Earth a sustainable entity.

Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication has extensive experience in designing Eco Friendly solutions and Recycled DVD or CD packaging for the music and movie industries, promotional items, financial seminars, faith-based, self-help, training and educational videos.

We can create and customize any type of CD packaging design and reduce existing costs by 20%-50% while increasing product value. For dvd or cd marketing kits, cd duplication, replication, packaging and mailing solutions, call us at 954 533 4502. We work with clients nationwide from New York, Chicago, Little Rock, Dallas and Austin to San Francisco and San Diego.

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