Direct Mail and Fulfillment Services

We offer direct mail and fulfillment services including drop shipments to multiple locations simultaneously, bulk order fulfillment on demand and single unit fulfillment at your customer or client’s request.

Direct Mail and Fulfillment for CD/DVD and Movies on Demand

Low Postal Rates

You will get the best postal rates and postage discounts, so you will have the best possible mailing rates. We use USPS-certified address standardization to provide significant postal rate discounts and maximize delivery efficiency.

Packaging Options

We offer several lightweight, custom CD-ROM and DVD packages designed specifically for mailing, including a selection of jackets and wallets. We also print postcards, letters, booklets and sell sheets and personalize them with anything from marketing key codes to usernames for subscription and membership programs.

Due to the many options available and the varying weight of packages, every direct mail project requires a custom quote. We will need to receive your mailing list ten working days before the scheduled mail drop date. Our standard turn time for mailing is five working days from the completion of your project and receipt of your postage payment. Requiring payment for postage prior to mailing is standard practice in the direct mail industry.

Direct Mail and Fulfillment

Direct Mail Services involves mailing identical pieces via USPS to a list of U.S. mailing addresses. Products that are Drop Shipped are sent in varying quantities, with specific per-piece shipping instructions, using a variety of carriers and/or over a period of time.

Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication has extensive experience in direct mail and fulfillment. Call us at 954 533 4502 for more information. We work with clients nationwide from New York, Chicago, Little Rock, Dallas and Austin to San Francisco and San Diego.

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