Self Help DVD

Your Christian beliefs have given you the vision to aid lost and hurting souls or troubled Christians help themselves. Your self help DVD or CD is ready to be delivered to all those good people in need of guidance in their daily lives. Whether the cause of their anguish be a bereavement, ill health, a troubled marriage or relationship, loss of job or depression, your message of deep, practical truths from God’s Word will bring understanding and restore their inner peace.

However, more mundane matters need to be addressed to convey this message in a unique and inspiring way. Your message needs to stand out from the crowd and you can achieve this putting some thought into the presentation and packaging of your CD or DVD. In this matter Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication of Fort Lauderdale, Florida can be of great help to you. Whether you are producing one disc, a multi disc collection, booklets or brochures, we have solutions for your needs.

Here are few examples of what of churches or organizations have done.
Would you be inspired to buy this type of self help DVD packaging?

I don’t think so, however good the self help message on the dvd might be!

I am sure you would think that not only did some thought go into the following DVD packaging, but a lot of thought must also have gone into the message it conveys.

Dvd cover, author Beth Moore

Here are some other examples like this DVD package by Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal and Jon Kabat-Zinn

DVD cover

or this package design idea from theurbanpastor

DVD package design idea

If your DVD or CD packaging looks great, journalists will write about it and bloggers will blog about your product. Your self help message will get more exposure and better sales.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, our representatives can help orient your choice of packaging and printing materials to best suit your market at very reasonable prices. Our professional designers can help you showcase your product with creative concepts, design and ideas, or enhance your own creative ideas.

Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication can customize any type of media packaging and reduce existing costs by 20%-50% while increasing product value. For your self help dvd duplication, replication and packaging call us at 954 533 4502 or visit us in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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