Protect your DVD from Piracy

Make more money by ensuring your DVD program is purchased (not stolen)

Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication is now offering Rovi’s CopyBlock™ for DVD.  Having this new DVD copyrights piracy prevention technology is the key to achieving a high level of DVD piracy protection with minimal effort and cost. CopyBlock anti piracy technology offers highly effective double DVD piracy protection – at a very affordable price. With the ability to deter the top two DVD piracy methods used by casual home copiers – ripping to a PC and recording from a CE device to a DVD recorder – this DVD piracy protection technology can help improve DVD revenues.

CopyBlock DVD copyrights protection technology can help improve your bottom line. Content producers can convert would-be DVD copiers into buyers

CopyBlock DVD copyrights protection technology delivers rip deterrence (thwarting freeware ripper programs) and anti-copy technology (copying via the analog “out” port in CE devices) based on Rovi’s industry-leading technologies. CopyBlock piracy protection technology is tested on hundreds of DVD players in multiple independent test labs to help ensure playability and high quality.

Still not convinced that CopyBlock DVD piracy prevention is for you?

Here are a few more reasons why now is the time to consider Rovi’s DVD piracy protection solutions:

  • Casual DVD piracy – home copying – is mainstream. Illegal ripping programs are available on the Internet for free.
  • CSS protection mandated for DVDs has long been compromised by free ripper programs. Numerous popular and free ripping programs can easily circumvent CSS. Added DVD copyrights protection is needed to frustrate casual theft.
  • Casual DVD pirates may try a few methods to copy, but most are non-technical and won’t spend more than 30 minutes trying to copy. Simply put, when frustrated from copying or ripping a DVD, more than two thirds say that they’ll usually buy the DVD.

Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication offers copyblock protection in our facilities in California as well as having the ONLY facility licensed in CHINA. Make every disc count.

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The above information was copied from the Rovi website. 

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