Multi-Media Kits for Parents

As any (truthful) person will tell you, family life is no walk in the park. There are always stresses, problems, issues and crises that crop up, generally when you least expect them. People who would like to keep their families intact and functioning try to do whatever they can to defuse the situation. More often than not, however, they need help.

 Which is what this collection of resources from Family Life is all about. There are books (ebooks, paperbacks and hardcovers), CDs, DVDs, interactive web sites and conferences, some specific, some general, all of them singularly helpful when it comes to restoring core values (read: sanity) to intra-family relationships.

 The lesson from all of this: one size does not fit all. You have to develop multiple strategies for addressing every situation you could imagine, and some you never would have thought of until one of your clients brought it up. Stay varied, stay loose, stay flexible, and above all, stay in touch – in constant touch – with your clients so that soon, before you know it, they’ll think of you as a member of the family … a kind of Aunt Martha who’s always there to help with good advice.

Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication works with several companies that provide real expert knowledge to parents about raising good children (some may say great).  A few of these national programs includes workbooks, flash cards, magnet reminders, DVD’s, CD’s all carefully placed  in custom designed boxes.  For more information, please contact Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication 954-533-4502. 

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