Letterpress CD Packaging

Letterpress publishing has recently undergone a revival led by design schools introducing the teaching of letterpress. The beauty and texture of letterpress became appealing to brides who began using letterpress for wedding invitations. Today, letterpress is used on business cards, greeting cards, menus and CD packaging. Imagine your friends’ and family’s delight at receiving your wedding photo album in a custom letterpress CD package.

Ideas of CD packaging using Letterpress:

Letterpress CD Packaging

Vintage CD packaging by Elegante Press for Kauno Grudai


Letterpress CD packaging

Concertina letterpress CD packaging for Sedimental Records designed by Amy Borezo


letterpress cd packaging

Letterpress CD package by Sensura Studio for Blind Eyes

Letterpress printing is a process of ‘relief’ printing. A reversed and raised surface is inked and then rolled or pressed into paper to form a positive right-reading impression. This was the normal form of printing text from its invention in the 15th century and was widely used for printing books. Letterpress printing remained the primary way to print and distribute information until the twentieth century, when offset printing was developed. It was also an extremely important technological innovation, making printed material available to a wider range of classes of people.

Letterpress printing’s strengths are crisp lines, patterns, and typography. To bring out these attributes, printers must understand the capabilities and advantages of what can be a very unforgiving medium. Most letterpress equipment prints only one color at a time, unlike offset printing,  which often uses a four-color printing process. Printing multiple colors with letterpress can be very challenging.

Letterpress also gives the printer the option of using a wider range of paper, including handmade, organic, and tree-free. Letterpress printing allows for a large variety of choices.

Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication also has extensive experience in designing special edition DVD or CD packaging for promotional items, financial seminars, training and educational and videos, as well as CD covers for music releases.

We can design and customize any type of CD packaging and reduce existing costs by 20%-50% while increasing product value. For letterpress dvd or cd packaging, cd duplication, replication, packaging and mailing solutions, call us at 954 533 4502. We work with clients nationwide from New York, Chicago, Little Rock, Dallas and Austin to San Francisco and San Diego.

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