Earth Day from Green Solutions

Earth Day, which aims to bring enhanced awareness of the fragility of our environment and the urgent need for us to preserve and protect it, is particularly fitting for us. Okay, we won’t go so far as to suggest that our name, our logo (a leaf) and our color (obvious) inspired Earth Day. But you have to admit it’s a happy coincidence.  Like all good citizens of Planet Earth, we try to act environmentally responsibly. We try to reduce waste by buying and using only what we absolutely need;  turn on the A/C only when our Florida weather gets too hot and sticky for man or beast (unlike the “mad dogs and Englishmen…” of Noel Coward fame); drive a hybrid to save gas; use paper sparingly (everything is online); and live in homes that right-sized for our families. In short, We’re ‘green’ in spirit as well as in name, and far from feeling proud and self-satisfied (although we certainly could), we hope others will do the same. Not just one day a year but always. Not because it’s the politically correct thing to do. Because it’s the
right thing to do.


Green Solutions, Fort Lauderdale, FL


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