DVD Packaging using Cardboard and Paperboard

The great issue facing CD and DVD packaging in this day and age is the environment. Over the last few years in the disc production world, cardboard or paperboard packaging for both CDs and DVDs has rivaled the plastic jewel case. The use of cardboard or paperboard, soy-based inks and low or no-VOC adhesives will help reduce the environmental impact of CD and DVD packaging considerably, and customers are now actively seeking brands that use eco-friendly solutions in their packaging.

Eco-Friendly = Dull Boring DVD Packaging?

Absolutely not! Eco-friendly CD and DVD packaging does not have to be boring. A little creativity can produce some very original packaging. Take a look at some of these paperboard and cardboard  packaging ideas for CDs and DVDs from the designers on the Behance web site.

Paperboard Fold CD or DVD Packaging

Paperboard Fold CD Packaging – design by Juan Solis


CD or DVD Packaging concept

Girl Talk CD Packaging – design by Katy Lynn


CD or DVD Packaging concept

Packaging for A Tribe Called Quest – design by Jeemin Shim

Excellent product research is key to any CD or DVD packaging. Green Solutions can help you research consumer opinion for your design, and create a custom package exclusively for you. 

Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication has exceptionally creative and production oriented staff that can design and create CD or DVD art and specialty cardboard or paperboard cover designs. Call us at 954-533-4502 for more information on custom DVD packaging; our client base is nationwide from New York, Chicago, Little Rock, Dallas and Austin to San Francisco and San Diego.

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