DVD Covers

DVD covers and packaging can benefit from increased sales when thought and design have gone into the product branding and packaging. Product packaging is a serious matter and large companies employ designers for results.

Designing for DVD Covers

In a world where there are thousands of competitors for any one specific product, unusual or impressive packaging can make a huge difference. We are raised in a society where looks are perceived as important and this is especially true of DVD covers. Consumers generally tend to automatically go for a product where the packaging is most intriguing or appealing. Designers now have to literally think “outside of the box” to make their products stand out and make you want to buy the product.

Some important aspects to consider when designing a DVD cover are:

  • Simplicity
  • Unusual Shapes
  • Bright Colors
  • Large Typography
  • Creative Patterns

The Far East has always had a thing for ephemera and cool collector’s items. The House of Flying Daggers Limited Edition from mainland China is housed in an elegant wooden box and takes the crown with a craftsmanship that is as beautiful as the fighting choreography in the film itself. The velvet lined box contains the film with extras on 4 dvds, an illustrated book and an actual commemorative dagger.

House of Flying Daggers DVD covers


The DVD cover and packaging for the release of ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ reality TV show by Dawn Kim, features one of 3 of the housewives: Gretchen, Alexis or Vicki. A barbie doll head or icon 
of the character is accompanied by various plastic accessories, all of which reflect the character’s preferences or activities during the television series.

Housewives of Orange County DVD Covers


The Complete Series Gift Set of Six Feet Under hosts all 24 DVDs in a book made of cardboard with glossy inner pockets, which you can flip with 1 DVD per spread. The box set cover represents a tombstone with grass and roots.


Six Feet Under DVD covers

This rare Deluxe edition of Angels and Demons, only 9000 were made, includes the film on 2 DVD’s and 2 large bookends, a very nice touch which will certainly be useful.

Angels & Demons DVD covers


The Da Vinci goes custom here with this beautifully crafted cover by Fusion Creative of LA. 

DaVinci Code DVD covers

While these covers were not manufactured by Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication, we are experts in multimedia packaging design. We can customize educational and sale kits and reduce existing costs by 20%-50% while increasing product value. We offer an easy upload FTP site for your convenience which allows one of our specialists to access your art files immediately to get started on your project. Call us at 954-533-4502 for more information on custom dvd covers and packaging.

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