DVD Box Set for Desperate Housewives


Desperate Housewives New DVD Box Set 

Complete Series “Steamer Trunk” Dvd Box Set 

Now this is a DVD box set! While the entertainment world moves to digital downloads to get the most bang for the buck, the brilliant folks at ABC and Disney have designed a new box set package for the Desperate Housewives franchise. It’s a major new DVD box set containing the Complete Collection which will be released later this year for sale on Amazon and in retail stores.

Like the Harry Potter Series which was produced in both DVD box sets and Blu-ray box sets, which I posted in a previous article, a strong dedicated market will buy this beautifully manufactured box set that can be kept for years to come. There are dvd’s, books and memorabilia that “just can’t be accessed on the web”.

The DVD box set holds 46 dvd’s that includes all 179 episodes packaged in a replica of Mary Alice’s infamous steamer trunk and sold for $149. The box set includes an exclusive bonus dvd with more interviews and behind-the-scenes content from the final season. This set is a must.

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