CD Covers

Designing DVD or CD covers might seem easy, but it takes a true visionary to create something unique. Media packaging has to add value to the CD or DVD purchase. It needs to create an experience and make the product a must-have collector’s item. The humble mass-produced disk can be turned into a prize possession through impressive packaging. The following packaging illustrates the exceptional ability that went into their creation and production. 

Tinplate CD Covers

Increasingly the market has recognized that tinplate is a dynamic packaging solution. Tinplate boxes and cases can provide very unusual DVD or CD cover packaging. Tinplate is highly flexible so that designs can accommodate multiple disks or box sets, they can be dramatically over-printed and embossed. Tinplate products can be formed into a huge number of shapes, sizes and formats. This makes them ideal for the presentation of collections and special release box sets that need to be functional, attractive and built to last. Tin has also deftly solved the other great issue facing media packaging: the environment.

Tin packaging CD covers

Tinplate is often produced from recycled tin and can be recycled again when the product becomes redundant. Unlike plastics, tin isn’t compromised by the recycling process and so can be recycled again and again. The only problem is that people rarely part with impressive tin storage boxes, preferring to keep and reuse them at home.

Cardboard CD Covers

The music industry has combatted the issue by packaging CDs in edgy, grassroots styled cardboard, and some exceptional packaging has evolved from the tendency to find eco-friendly packaging solutions. This clever packaging by Wewow has innovated a CD cover solution that can be produced from a single piece of eco-friendly board, which folds intricately to create an eye-catching CD cover. No tray, glue or plastic. The ingenious packaging design for Pete Roe, holds the CD securely in place and presents the disc when the package is opened up.

Pete Roe CD cover

The cover package made for Daily Bread, a CD compilation of Gospel songs. The term “Daily Bread” used to represent the daily readings from the bible, for this packaging the artist uses a toaster to visualize starting your day with a slice of toast but also to represent that these songs can be a very good way to start your day.

Daily Bread CD covers

Jewel Case CD Covers

Zinkplaat, an Afrikaans pop-rock-blues-fusion band from South Africa found an original way to house their CD. The name Zinkplaat is the Afrikaans word for corrugated metal. Their fourth CD comes shrink-wrapped with a scratch-off ink layer on the front and back, as well as a guitar pick to scratch the ink off with.  An interesting and interactive concept that sets this CD cover apart, people seem to love the scratch-off part, it feels like you might win something.  Even though it is a CD jewel case, the concept makes it more interesting.

Zinkplaat CD Covers

Instead of using standard jewel cases these designers have created CD covers with an edge.  Consumers are somewhat accustomed to the standard cases and anything new or different is refreshing, making your cd or dvd more noticeable and possibly appealing.

Excellent product research is key to any CD packaging. Green Solutions can help you research consumer opinion for your design and create a custom package exclusively for you.

Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication has exceptionally creative and production oriented staff who can design and create CD or DVD art and specialty retail cd cover designs. Call us at 954-533-4502 for more information on custom cd covers.

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