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Multi-Media Kits for Parents

As any (truthful) person will tell you, family life is no walk in the park. There are always stresses, problems, issues and crises that crop up, generally when you least expect them. People who would like to keep their families intact and functioning try to do whatever they can to defuse the situation. More often […]

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Earth Day from Green Solutions

Earth Day, which aims to bring enhanced awareness of the fragility of our environment and the urgent need for us to preserve and protect it, is particularly fitting for us. Okay, we won’t go so far as to suggest that our name, our logo (a leaf) and our color (obvious) inspired Earth Day. But you have to admit it’s […]

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Fort Lauderdale DVD Duplication by Green Solutions Media Manufacturing

A premier DVD Duplication, CD Duplication company Green Solutions now offers Blu-Ray duplication “in-house” in our Fort Lauderdale facility. Due to market demands and client requests, Green Solutions Disc Duplication – Replication which has been replicating Blu-ray discs for the entertainment industry in our Anaheim, CA offices, has now found a local need for Blu-ray disc […]

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Miller DVD Package- The “It Could Have Been Great” Story

In reviewing new concepts to find interesting new CD, DVD packaging products, I came across this unique Miller Beer DVD.  Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this company is GUILTY of destroying a great idea.  Why someone would put a DVD in this package is beyond me. Great graphics, great package but it only works […]

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